The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is providing critical emergency aid for those caught up in the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Advent International is donating funds to help ensure this vital work can continue.


Emergency shelter to Ukrainian refugees

Advent International has pledged US$650,000 to the ICRC – an organization at the forefront of the international relief effort for civilians in Ukraine. Its priority is to assist those most desperately in need.

Working with the Ukrainian Red Cross, the ICRC is distributing food, water and other essential items, supporting hospitals and healthcare facilities with medicines and equipment, repairing damaged homes and infrastructure, and helping to reconnect families separated by the conflict. The ICRC has been active in Ukraine since 2014. Civilians in the east of the country have already endured more than eight years of fighting. With the intensification of the conflict and its spread to other parts of the nation in early 2022, the ICRC has ramped up its response.

Additional staff arrived in Ukraine at the beginning of March, including medics, weapons contamination specialists and other emergency team members. With 600 staff engaged in the effort, this now represents one of the organization’s 10 biggest operations anywhere in the world.

Teams from the ICRC have also been dispatched to Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania and Russia to support a regional response, in cooperation with partners in the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. Logistical hubs have been set up in nations bordering Ukraine to ensure relief items can reach those who need them, even where local supply chains have been destroyed.

In parallel with its relief efforts on the ground, the ICRC has pledged to continue confidential, bilateral dialogue with those parties involved in the conflict, aiming to protect those most affected by the fighting.